Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul credit one other for voting initiative in NBA


On this week’s ‘What’s In Your Glass’ livestream on YouTube with Carmelo Anthony, Melo discussed all things voting with fellow All-Star Chris Paul.

Paul, who is the President of the player’s union, co-chairman for ‘When We All Vote,’ and the co-founder of ‘The Social Change Fund’ with Melo and Dwyane Wade, has been a major piece in changing the perspective on voting with players throughout the league.

Life in the Orlando bubble wasn’t just about competing on the court for the players as was documented through the three months on the Disney campus. 

Having a collective voice together, while having superstars all in one place helped play a major role in making societal change as well as league-wide change.

And it started with the players themselves.

Melo and CP3 discussed the major impact on having their colleagues register to vote this year following a powerful meeting during the NBA restart.  

“Ninety-seven percent of the NBA is registered to vote because of you, your voice, your stance, and just the amount of attention that you brought,” Melo said as he gave credit to Paul on heading up a player’s meeting on voting.  

Anthony continued, “I remember sitting in the bubble, having these meetings with you and we was nowhere close to north of 95 percent as far as registered voters in the NBA… now we're almost at a 100 percent.”

But, Paul knew that having a future Hall of Famer in Melo by his side to talk with the younger players was something Paul was and still is very grateful for when thinking about the various players’ meetings.


It’s crazy and I ain’t gassing… It wouldn’t have happened without you either, like for real, for real. You know the conversations that we had… I don’t think we’ll ever forget the conversations that we had to have.

Chris Paul on What's In Your Glass

There was one number that really stood out after one of the initial meetings in Orlando as the players met to talk about change in America.

Just 20 percent of the 450 players league-wide had voted in the last election.

To go from 20 percent to over 95 percent registered is crazy to think about and Paul acknowledged that. 

That statistic that less than 20 percent of our league [had registered to vote]… You remember when I said that in the room -- I sort of cringed a little because I knew that it was going to be public knowledge. I knew everybody was going to know once we got out of that meeting, but I think everybody in there sort of started looking at themselves.

And yes, that nugget of 20 percent was the main talking point to come out of that players' meeting in Orlando. 

CP3 knew media members would hear that stat and run with it. But, as he told Melo, he also knew that it had to be said.

It put a spark under us collectively.

Chris Paul

Now the players in the league are hoping they have sparked others interest in voting around the country.

Listen to the entire ‘What’s in your Glass?’ with Chris Paul right here.