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Carmelo Anthony shares why he is sticking with No. 00 this season

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Over the past week there has been plenty of chatter surrounding the sacred No. 7 Portland Trail Blazers jersey in Rip City.  

After Carmelo Anthony announced during a local media zoom interview that he wanted No. 7, social media erupted with most in favor of the Blazers allowing the future Hall of Famer to wear the number that hasn’t been worn since Brandon Roy played for Portland from 2006-2011.  

“Listen, if Portland gives me No. 7 this year, I’ll be happy. I’ll be thrilled,” Melo said last Friday during training camp. “We need a petition for that. I need No. 7.”

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The petition happened, making its way around social media. 


The 36-year-old will always be grateful for his fans who were and are so passionate about him wearing his old number as he mentioned during Wednesday’s zoom interview.

It wasn’t something that I was actually thinking about. I think it was more so the fans and my fans put the petition out there.

Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony

Following a recent conversation with The Athletic’s Jason Quick, Roy had granted permission for Melo to don the No. 7 uniform, saying, “I would be honored if he wore it. So we should [let him have it].”

Melo made sure to thank Roy as well.

It would’ve been great for me to do it and I appreciate Brandon saying those words that he said about me and me wearing that number, but if I could’ve got it, it would’ve been great, but it’s no biggie.

Carmelo Anthony

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Melo has worn No. 7 through most of his career.

But since Anthony’s No. 00 uniforms have already been produced along with the rest of the Trail Blazers’ jerseys this season, Melo is sticking with double zero.

“I think it’s too much money involved. Too many jerseys has been ordered. NBA has their deal with their partners. It’s too late,” Melo said of changing his number at this point, just before the preseason tips off.  

Maybe Nike and the NBA would make an expectation for a future Hall of Famer, but if Melo says it’s no biggie then this discussion can be put to rest -- at least for this season.