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Carmelo Anthony was not a fan of Detroit Pistons odd pregame ritual

Trail Blazers

Every athlete's warmup routine is a vital part of them getting ready for the game ahead.

So when Portland Trail Blazers Carmelo Anthony’s routine was disrupted in Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Pistons, he had to take to social media to poke fun at them.

And it was specifically the Pistons fog machine.

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Anthony looked to have been warming up at the free-throw line, but it’s obvious the fog machine was making it hard to see really anything.

Sure, a fog machine can add some dramatic effect in pregame introductions to help get the crowd hype'd, but the Pistons aren't even allowing more than 750 fans at the game!!!

So, what's the point?!

Thankfully, the fog machine didn’t hinder the Blazers from winning 124-101 against the Pistons.

Anthony for the game had 16 points and three rebounds.

The Pistons might have been using it to distract the Blazers, but it seems none of that matters at the end of the day with the win.