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The WNBA left a ‘game-changing’ mark on sports and fighting for social justice

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Candace Parker just completed her 13th year in the WNBA.

The 5x All-Star and WNBA Champion has seen a lot throughout her career, but nothing will top this past season. The coronavirus pandemic forced a shortened WNBA season that took place in a ‘bubble’ at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. More importantly, the WNBA’s platform and stance on social justice was given new light.

Throughout the 75 days in the ‘Wubble,’ the stars of the WNBA did not hesitate to continue to fight on the social justice campaign: the teams wore “Say Her Name” t-shirts during warmups; Washington Mystics players showed up to a game wearing a t-shirt with the name “Jacob Blake” on the front and seven bullet holes on the back; the teams cancelled all their games one day…

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Alongside the WNBA’s stance, the NBA was right there with them as well. 

Parker and Carmelo Anthony discussed more on the latest ‘What’s In Your Glass’ YouTube livestream.

“Without you guys being there and having our back and supporting us, I honestly don’t know what this season would have been like and what our social justice campaign would be like because you do need allies as we found out this year,” said Parker.

Parker stated that Chris Paul - President of the NBPA - was in constant communication with Parker throughout both the WNBA and NBA seasons relaying information on what both leagues were doing outside the game of basketball.


Anthony then noted that throughout the several meetings the NBA players had in the bubble, how they can support what the WNBA was doing was a big topic of conversation.

“We did what we did - and you may have noticed or not - within our own meetings, one of the topic of discussions was ‘How do we take care of the WNBA’ like ‘How do we support the WNBA. How do we let them know that their voices are heard and we stand in a solidarity right with them. We going to war with them,’” said Anthony. “… But the joy for us - I know for me - being able to go and play a game knowing what’s the backdrop that we playing against with these social injustices and then watching you all play. 

“Y’all was right down the block from us. Just watching y’all play, it was fulfilling for us to watch that and see the excitement y’all was playing with, but also the mark that you all left. 

The mark that the WNBA players - and the league as a whole - what y’all left will be game-changing from here on out.

Carmelo Anthony on the WNBA platform

Watch the full ‘What’s In Your Glass’ episode below: