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Carmelo Anthony won’t take number of beloved Trail Blazer Brandon Roy

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After Trail Blazers fans spent hours and hours debating whether Carmelo Anthony should be able to don Brandon Roy’s No. 7 jersey, it appears the 18-year veteran and 10x NBA All-Star will remain in the number he chose when he first signed in Portland.

The Trail Blazers released their training camp roster on Saturday and Melo is listed at 00. This means Carmelo won’t wear The Natural’s No. 7 pinwheel jersey as of now. 

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The roster release comes less than 24 hours after Melo said he would happily wear the No. 7 for the Trail Blazers, the same number he wore while he was with the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets.

“Listen, if Portland gives me No. 7 this year, I’ll be happy. I’ll be thrilled.” said Melo on Friday during training camp. “We need a petition for that. I need No. 7.”

The No. 7 remains unworn since the 2010-11 season when legendary Blazer, 3x All Star and 2006 Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy last took the court for Portland. No one has taken the Portland Trail Blazers No. 7 jersey since he retired from the league in 2013. 


Rip City certainly had its feelings about whether or not Melo should be able to switch his digits for Roy’s number.

Trail Blazers Insider Dwight Jaynes argued in his Saturday morning column that numbers shouldn’t be sacred anymore, and that it makes sense for the NBA to adopt a Ring of Honor of sorts or team Hall of Fame. Jaynes also stated that just because you wear a number for a few seasons, doesn’t mean you should own those digits for life.

With the NBA starting on Dec. 22, at least we can put this controversy to bed. Anthony is staying Mel00... for now.