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Channing Frye on Chauncey Billups and how the Blazers can build a championship roster

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The introductory press conference to introduce Chauncey Billups as the new head coach of the Blazers was interesting to say the least. 

Both Billups and Olshey addressed the past sexual assault allegations brought against Billups in their opening statement as well as in the Q&A portion of the program

In one instance, Trail Blazers PR appeared to interrupt Billups before he was able to answer a follow up question on how the rape allegations "shaped his life".

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On the latest episode of Talkin’ Blazers, former Blazers forward Channing Frye gave his thoughts on the exchange.

"At the end of the day, Portland's uniqueness is what makes it so amazing,” Frye said. “But it's also like you're doing a disservice to Chauncey Billups, who is, number one, a grown man, an adult, and accepted this job knowing he was going to have to answer some hard questions. So give him a second with some of your most respected reporters and let him answer the question. Right, because at the end of the day, you're saying trust us and do this and do that.”


Once the topic was addressed, Frye and Dan Sheldon went on to discuss how Billups could fill out his coaching staff and the importance of Olshey to fix the roster.

Based on the last few seasons, the Blazers as presently constructed will have a difficult time winning a championship. Their defense has been at the bottom of the league despite the additions of Norman Powell and Robert Covington. Despite the addition of notable defenders, it takes a team to defend the basket.

“Chauncey and his staff are huge,” Frye said. “But if he does not have the right tools to paint the right picture, it's not going to happen. So if Neil Olshey loves this roster, right, if they don't make a move, we're going to get the same results.”

Some of the team's notable free agents are Carmelo Anthony, Enes Kanter, and Zach Collins. Powell has an $11.6 million player option that he’s expected to decline.

Anthony and Kanter are great offensively but are viewed as defensive liabilities. The team will need to decide how much they value both players on offense, especially Kanter’s rebounding ability.

As for Collins, it’ll be interesting to see if the Blazers decide to re-sign him after he missed this past season with a stress fracture in his left ankle and he just suffered the same injury.

Frye is optimistic with the Blazers core having another year together. Under a new coach, if Powell returns, and if Nurkic is utilized more. 

“How do you get them to be better and then we're going to be better anyway,” he said. “C.J. had a crazy year last year. Nurk just has to be healthy. Norman Powell is going to feel more comfortable probably if he stays and then Dame is going to be Dame. You see he's already working out, staying in shape. But to me it's like what do you want this roster to be and are you willing to make a move to go just maybe a little bit younger. Or are you willing to be like Atlanta? You know, and say, hey, we're going to bring in some young guys and start to develop them as we are winning also."