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Charles Barkley puts his money where his mouth is, bets big on the Blazers to win it all

Trail Blazers

Even if he never fully admits it, TNT host and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is a secret fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.

For some years now, Barkley has gone above and beyond on showing his support for the team in Portland.

If you can remember in this year's playoffs against the Lakers, the Blazers won Game 1 of their first-round series and Barkley hilariously brought out a broom, putting down that Portland would sweep LA.

Even going back to last March before the Blazers made the 2019 Western Conference Finals, Barkley said Portland was going to the Finals.

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Of course, the Blazers never made it to the Finals either time, but it is always nice to see a national media member like Barkley show support for Portland.

And on day one of this year’s NBA opening night on Tuesday, Barkley put his money where his mouth is on this Blazers team.

After the Lakers vs. Clippers game, Barkley told the world, and is bookie probably, that he is going to drop $100,000 on Portland to win the Western Conference.

Here is the video putting down his bet on the Blazers:

It is certainly a bold bet to put down for anyone, really.

The Lakers seem to have added better pieces to their championship team, the Nuggets are a formidable foe, and the Clippers are always a tough matchup.


But you can’t put anything behind this Blazers team, especially with the offseason moves they made.

With the team acquiring great defensive wings in Robert Covington and Derrick Jones Jr., bringing back Enes Kanter and Carmelo Anthony, and having Rodney Hood back healthy, this Blazers team is looking like a go team into the playoffs when the time comes.

The Blazers are not the outright favorite, but the additions could make this team a real dark-horse contender for this season.

Barkley is bold for putting down that much money on the Blazers, but he might be seeing something a lot of other national media members aren’t seeing.

Is putting $100,000 on the Blazers a risky bet? Maybe. We’ll just have to wait and see.