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CJ McCollum and other Cleveland Browns fans called out by Evan Turner

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The struggle is real, but Evan Turner doesn’t want to hear about it.

Sure, it wasn’t the season opener the Cleveland Browns were hoping for, nor was CJ McCollum.

The Canton, Ohio native has shown his Browns pride over the years whether it was in-person cheering on his hometown team or on social media taking heat about his favorite team.

Sunday, as the 2020-21 NFL season tipped off, McCollum was tweeting about his fantasy football team and his Browns taking on the Baltimore Ravens.

Too bad for McCollum, there is still uncertainty surrounding his starting WR.

Denver's Courtland Sutton sprained his AC joint in practice on Thursday. He had an MRI and sat out Friday and Saturday practices. The Broncos listed him as questionable for Monday Night Football.

And things didn’t get any better for the Trail Blazers starting shooting guard as he watched the Browns season-opener.

At the 12:26 mark of the first quarter, Baker Mayfield’s pass intended for KhaDarel Hodge was intercepted not even three minutes into the game.

Ahead of the 2020 NFL season, Browns fans were excited about the changes made in the offseason with an overhauled front office, new coaching staff, and reconstructed O-line, but that excitement disappeared a few minutes into the game.

The Ravens blew out the Browns, 38-6.  

Of course, there's no shame in falling to the defending AFC North champs on the road, but with so many mistakes that kept piling up and the Browns scoring just one TD, we all know McCollum had to be shaking his head.


Not only did Mayfield have a rough outing, but Odell Beckham struggled to haul in passes as well.  

But McCollum’s former teammate Evan Turner doesn’t want to hear it from Browns fans.

ET is tired of the distraught Browns fan.

Nobody is surprised that Turner, who went to Ohio State, was poking fun at his former teammate when referencing McCollum’s NFL team sucking and that McCollum needs to suck it up.

So, all-in-all it wasn’t the best Sunday for McCollum.

But at least McCollum’s fantasy team got off to an okay start.  

Good work looking at the positives, CJ!

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