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CJ McCollum calls LeBron James the ‘actor of the year’ for overselling foul

Trail Blazers

The NBA world was dialed into their TVs Wednesday night to catch the Lakers-Warriors play-in tournament game. 

The winner captures the 7-seed and a right to play the Phoenix Suns. 

It was a game of runs by each squad that came down to the wire.

In the playoffs, or in this case, the play-in game, players will do anything they can to win the game, which includes LeBron James. 

James, who is in the conversation as the best player to ever lace it up, is also in the conversation as one of the game's greatest floppers. 

With the game on the line, James was both. 

Driving to the basket with just over two minutes to play and the Warriors up 98-97, James was fouled by Draymond Green and tumbled to the floor. 


LeBron remained on the floor, clearly to sell a possible flagrant foul. 

Have another look:

A flagrant would have given James free throws and the Lakers possession. 

It was a hard foul, yes. A flagrant, though? Not so much. Was it a good sell by James? Also, yes. 

And Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum called out the Lakers All-Star for it. 

Social media backed up McCollum, too. 

Officials determined Green's contest to be a common foul. 

It seemed like LeBron got over the poke to the eye pretty quickly, hitting a go-ahead three pointer from 30 feet out to seal it for the Lakers.


The Lakers went on to defeat the Warriors 103-100 to clinch the 7-seed and CJ McCollum gave both teams and the NBA their flowers. 

The NBA won tonight, for sure.