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CJ McCollum is excited about this offseason to hit the ground running

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While Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum is preparing to put in work this offseason on the court, off the court the Pull Up Podcast with CJ McCollum is back.  

McCollum released his 115th episode of the podcast Thursday where he dove into the NBA playoffs and of course, had to talk about just how crazy Game 2 of the West Finals was between the Suns and the Clippers.

But before he discussed his feelings on the playoffs, McCollum gave an update on his offseason.

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The eight-year veteran took the first two weeks since the season ended to take time for himself and to get his body right again.  


“I took two weeks off of doing nothing. I added some cheat meals in there,” McCollum said.

About two weeks into my rest, I began to box again… Just kind of sharpening up some of my tools, while making sure that I’m still low impact.

CJ McCollum

The 29-year-old also discussed his excitement for heading into an offseason without dealing with an injury.

“I’m excited about this offseason. I’m excited to get better, work on my game. This is probably the first offseason in a long time where I’m going into it not injured,” McCollum explained.

“I had the back issues from the bubble the previous year. I had the popliteus and I had some knee issues and some fluid in my knee in the previous year, so I’m happy to be able to hit the ground running.”  

As the offseason progresses, McCollum added that after the fourth of July 4th he will begin to figure out his workout regime and what he needs to work on over the summer.

But first, it’s all about “taking the proper time off.”

Listen to the entire Pull Up podcast with CJ McCollum right here.