Trail Blazers

McCollum has waited a long time to be this proud of the Browns

Trail Blazers

It's been a long time since the Cleveland Browns started a season this strong. Twenty-six years in fact. 

At 4-1, the Browns are off to the team's best start since 1994, when they started the season 6-1. 

Back in '94 the entire state of Ohio was crazy for the Browns and 60 miles south of Cleveland in the town of Canton, a future Trail Blazers star was beaming with joy.

That future Blazer was a then 3-year-old CJ McCollum. 

Now 29, McCollum has waited a long, long time to be this proud to be a Browns fan.

Following the team's 32-23 victory over the Colts on Sunday, McCollum took to social media to let it all out. 

Four and one! Four and one! Fouuurrr annddd Onnnneeee!

CJ McCollum

It never gets old seeing McCollum show off his inner fan. It just means he knows what Trail Blazers fans feel like when they see him take a game over and hit big buckets.

Speaking of Trail Blazers fans, they might want to mark November 1st on their calendars. That is when McCollum's beloved Browns plays host to Damian Lillard's Las Vegas Raiders. Bragging rights will be on the line. 

The last time these two battled, the Raiders won, 45-42. Lillard had to rub it in, just a little.