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CJ McCollum laughs off ridiculous Russell Westbrook trade scenario

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Russell Westbrook landed in Houston last season but he may already be preparing for another departure. 

Reports surfaced on Thursday that the Rockets guard has reportedly asked to be traded.

Of course, the trade rumors came in like an avalanche, and not all of them were good ones. 

Nick Wright of FOX Sports threw out the idea that the Blazers might show interest in Westbrook, and could dangle McCollum to get Houston to bite.

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Portland. You know you can't get to the finals with your current backcourt. But CJ McCollum, knockdown shooter the Rockets need. Zach Collins, he's not in your center rotation. Not with (Jusuf) Nurkic and (Hassan) Whiteside. Rockets need a center. Money works. What about that?

Nick Wright

A couple of things to digest here:

1) The backcourt people always try to say the Blazers can't win with did make it to the Western Conference Finals two seasons ago, proving that success can be had with the right pieces around them.

2) Wright is correct, Collins doesn't fit in the Blazers center rotation. Not because he can't break the depth chart but because he is the Blazers starting power forward. 

3) Whiteside is a free agent, so factoring him into the depth chart in the first place is a bit of a stretch. 

So, Russell Westbrook to the Trail Blazers. Who says no? CJ McCollum, that's who.

The Trail Blazers guard jumped on social Thursday night to respond to the ludicrous trade scenario.

McCollum is right. That trade really is laughable. But he wasn't the only one that thought so. Teammate Jusuf Nurkic responded as well, in much the same way McCollum.


Over the last few seasons, Westbrook vs. the Blazers has become one of the better rivalries in the NBA

Westbrook has rocked the baby, Lillard has hit "bad" shots, and we can't forget Nurkic's epic troll of Westbrook in the 2019 playoffs with a "Got Bricks? Next question." T-Shirt. 

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No one knows exactly where Westbrook will play next season, but we're pretty sure it won't be in Portland. 

What we do know, is we hope he stays in the west. The NBA needs more Westbrook vs. the Blazers, not less. 

The book on this rivalry isn't closing anytime soon. We're still adding chapters.