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CJ McCollum out indefinitely for Trail Blazers with fractured left foot

Trail Blazers

The injury news just keeps getting worse for the Trail Blazers. 

After losing Jusuf Nurkic to a fractured wrist in Thursday's loss to the Pacers. the Blazers were dealt a blow after CJ McCollum suffered a left foot strain driving to the basket... so they thought.

McCollum's injury is actually significantly worse than originally thought.

The team announced late Monday evening that further imaging of the foot showed a hairline fracture to the lateral cuneiform and that McCollum will be re-evaluated in four weeks.

The injury happened midway through the first quarter when McCollum went up for a layup but had his foot stepped on by Hawks' center Clint Capela. McCollum fell to the floor and would remain in the game, but was in a noticeable amount of pain. He would later leave and not return. 


The injury also happens to be to the same foot that McCollum fractured in 2013, though it is to a different bone in the foot. In that season, it was the a fractured fifth metatarsal.

On Saturday night, Coach Stotts said, "I don’t have an update on the prognosis. I don’t want to say ‘day-by-day…’ We haven’t been given a timeframe.." Prior to Monday's game, his pregame information to the media was that "CJ will be re-evaluated in a week." 

Unfortunately, that week came sooner than expected and the news wasn't good.

With McCollum out on Monday the Blazers turned to Rodney Hood to start in his place. Hood did a great job, scoring 21 points, but now it looks like his time in the starting lineup will last a little longer than expected. 


We will have more information as it is revealed.