CJ McCollum out of walking boot, left foot will be reevaluated Tuesday


Trail Blazers fans will not have to wait too much longer for an update on CJ McCollum's left foot.

The shooting guard will be reevaluated Tuesday, February 16th to check in on how the left foot is healing, not to clear him to play, he told The Athletic's Jason Quick.

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McCollum attended Saturday's win over Cleveland wearing a boot but announced via Twitter he is out of it as of Sunday, February 14th, or as he described, a "2 shoe shawty." 

He suffered a small hairline fracture to the lateral cuneiform in his left foot and a mid-foot sprain in January 16th's game vs. Atlanta. It happened midway through the first quarter when McCollum went up for a layup but had his foot stepped on by Hawks' center Clint Capela. McCollum fell to the floor and would remain in the game, but was in a noticeable amount of pain. He would later leave and not return. 

The injury also happens to be to the same foot that McCollum fractured in 2013, though it is to a different bone in the foot. In that season, it was a fractured fifth metatarsal.


“It hurt but I’ve broke my foot twice, so I know what that type of pain feels like,” said McCollum referring to the Jones fractures he suffered during his senior year at Lehigh and his rookie season with the Blazers. “It wasn’t that type of pain, wasn’t that type of injury on that part of the foot.”

McCollum added, “The severity of it is different. It doesn’t require surgery. It’s a different part of the foot. A Jones fracture is what I had previously – it’s a very common sports injury. This injury that I have [now] is very unique because of how I got it — it’s not a contact injury, it’s not a direct impact to the foot.”

While the Blazers initially announced he will be reevaluated in four weeks, there is no timetable for McCollum's return.

"I don’t have a timeline. I’ll return when I feel like myself," explained McCollum on January 19th. 

McCollum was enjoying a career season that likely would have resulted in an All-Star nod, averaging 26.7 points and 5.0 assists per game, while shooting 47.3% from the floor and 44.1% from three-point range while attempting 11 per game. 

Since his injury, the Blazers are 8-5 thanks to an ongoing four-game win streak.