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Cj McCollum partners with Moda Health to publish a free smoothie cookbook

Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum is a man of many talents.

Besides being an elite NBA player, McCollum is busy being a podcast host, having his hand in the wine business, his free food event, and even being an endorser for the Crocs footwear as well.

But now, McCollum has set his sights on another venture that actually revolves around something he eats on a daily basis.

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A smoothie cookbook.

In a recent Eater feature, McCollum partnered up with Moda Health to develop a book of smoothies.

"Give Smoothies A Shot" is a free downloadable cookbook filled with 20 smoothie recipes, including things like an “apple pie smoothie” applesauce, and a cinnamon flax seed smoothie, watermelon lime and a coffee-banana smoothie.

McCollum hopes these smoothie recipes will encourage kids to try new, healthy foods and add it to their diet.

The man knows how to stay busy off the court, that’s for sure.

You can find all the smoothie recipes in McCollum’s book here.