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CJ McCollum set to release second wine from his ‘McCollum Heritage 91’ label

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When he's not on the basketball court, CJ McCollum is a winemaker, and he has his own brand: Heritage 91.

Back in September of 2020, McCollum announced the limited release of his first wine, an Oregon pinot noir. The wine sold out in a mere 45 minutes.

But don’t worry – you’ll soon be able to get some of his new wine.

Yes, McCollum will be launching another wine on April 5. The Portland Trail Blazers guard is looking forward to its release and is pleased with the “positive response” to his new wine.

I am incredibly humbled by the positive response to our first vintage of McCollum Heritage 91. I was not prepared for the outpouring of support from my family, friends, colleagues, fans and wine lovers. Based on what we saw this fall, it is abundantly clear that there is a demand for stories from brands like McCollum Heritage 91, and I’m eager to share the next iteration of our wine this spring.

CJ McCollum via a press release

McCollum's latest wine will be a Willamette Valley Rosé that he collaborated on with winemaker Gina Hennen. And McCollum was unsurprisingly "hands-on" in every step of the process.

McCollum has spoken before about his approach to winemaking and says that it compares favorably to his approach on the basketball court. After all, both efforts require a "teamwork aspect" and being able to identify strengths and weaknesses in one's own ability.

“In launching McCollum Heritage 91, I approach it very much like the basketball court. Both of these passions require a great deal of study, dissecting the complexities, learning the various strategies, understanding the competition, and investing time to master the ins-and-outs,” McCollum said. “And, of course, I practiced by tasting through some of my favorite wines from the Willamette Valley and beyond.”

If McCollum the winemaker is even half as good as McCollum the basketball player (and odds are that he'll be better than that), wine connoisseur will certainly have something to look forward to. So too will McCollum's teammate, Carmelo Anthony, who shares McCollum's affinity for wine.


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