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Could Robin Lopez make his way back to the Portland Trail Blazers?

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With news that former Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez is reportedly declining his $5 million player option with the Milwaukee Bucks, is there any chance that ROLO could make his way back to the Rose City?

More often than not players decline their options in order to see how they would fare in free agency and when they believe they could make more money elsewhere.

However, with Lopez now 32 and coming off a postseason where he was benched, his free agent market salary might land closer to the veterans minimum, which is around $2.5 million.

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With that in mind, ROLO seems more like a player who cares about fit rather than about money.

And the Trail Blazers do have the $3.6M biannual expectation available.  

And here’s the thing -- we know ROLO fits very well in Portland.

He keeps Portland weird. No doubt about that. 


Plus, he would make his way back to a place where he had a strong pick and roll connection with Damian Lillard.

He’d be closer to his hometown of Fresno, CA and to his favorite baseball team, the Seattle Mariners.

Not to mention, Lopez’s longtime girlfriend lives and works in Portland and he could visit Dark Horse comics whenever he wants.

He also loved beating up on Portland’s mascot Blaze, which was always entertaining.

But more than anything, ROLO’s connection with Lillard in the pick and roll can’t be discounted.

Lopez would be a nice backup big man for the current Trail Blazers squad especially with the uncertainty around free agent center Hassan Whiteside.

Lopez's style of play would blend in nicely and Terry Stotts wouldn't have to worry about a letdown in the second unit. 

He's an enforcer. He doesn't back down from anyone. He could pick up right where he left off. 

Last season, Lopez averaged 5.4 points on 49.2 percent shooting to go along with 2.4 rebounds in 66 games played for Milwaukee.

The excitement about a potential reunion between the Blazers and ROLO is most likely mutual.

Is it time to see a dancing Robin Lopez back on the Blazers bench when he’s celebrating the success of his teammates?

It's definitely an intriguing possibility.