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Damian Lillard advocates for Raiders to pursue Von Miller

Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard's interest in sports goes beyond the basketball court. He's a football fan and a diehard Las Vegas Raiders one, at that.

Lillard often voices his opinion about the team and ahead of the Trail Blazers' Wednesday night game against the Pelicans, Lillard took to Twitter to advocate for the team to add a star pass rusher this offseason.

That star was Von Miller.

Speculation about Miller's availability ran rampant after ESPN's Dan Graziano listed him as a potential cut candidate for the Broncos this year. Graziano cited Miller's $18 million team option as a reason that the Broncos could part with the veteran after he missed all of last season with an ankle injury.

It's also worth noting that Miller edited an old Instagram post from 2016 when he signed an extension with the Broncos. His edit added quotation marks around the phrase "For Life".

That certainly doesn't seem like something Miller would do if he thought he'd be staying in Denver long-term.

With Miller potentially on the outs with the Broncos, the Raiders would make sense as a landing spot. The team had a good offense in 2020, but their defense had its share of struggles and drew the ire of many, including Lillard.

The Raiders had just 21 sacks last year, the fourth-fewest in the NFL, while Miller has averaged 11.8 sacks per season during his career. Miller could go to the Raiders to help shore up that weakness and get a chance to earn a measure of revenge twice a year against the Broncos.


We'll see soon enough what happens with Miller and the Broncos, but maybe, just maybe, Lillard will get his wish.