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Lillard always has Carmelo Anthony's back especially when the Nuggets disrespect Melo

Trail Blazers

Sometimes there are those tweets that make you stop scrolling on your timeline and straight up question them.

One such tweet came from the Denver Nuggets official twitter account.

The Nuggets tweeted a photo, which prompted fans to comment on who their favorite Nugget of all-time is with Alex English, Dikembe Mutombo, Nick Van Exel, Nikola Jokic and Chancey Billups.


For real, they left Carmelo Anthony out of the picture, literally?


Melo ranks third in franchise history in scoring and minutes played, seventh in steals, was a four-time NBA All-Star with the Nuggets and led Denver to the Western Conference Finals in 2008-09.

And when you think of the Denver Nuggets you think of Melo and vice versa – the headband, the baby blue unis. 

When the Nuggets seemed to snub Melo on Twitter, his current teammate Damian Lillard wasn’t going to sit back and let that slide.  

And thus, he had this question:

What is up with all the disrespect this man get? I need to know...

Damian Lillard

Fans, of course, replied with the demand of the Knicks trade as being the reason for the Nuggets to leave Melo off the all-time greats list/photo/graphic.

But we can’t forget what Melo did in Denver, right?

The Nuggets drafted Anthony in 2003 and then he led them to seven straight playoffs in his seven years with the franchise.


I mean, just look at that ratio of comments to likes.

But, NBC Sports NW fixed it.


And, the Trail Blazers also made sure to play off the idea by posting their own picture of fan favorites in Rip City which included Melo.

We’re with Lillard on this – what is up with the amount of disrespect that Anthony seems to get especially for his time in Denver?

One thing that is never in question: Lillard will always fight to put respect on Melo’s name.