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Damian Lillard and Disney equals must-have Dame 7s

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This is happening!!

Damian Lillard, Adidas, and Disney’s Pixar are collaborating and it’s amazing!!

The new Dame 7s are set for an Oct. 15 release date and they will have you feeling very nostalgic.

Lillard’s new shoes are part of Adidas’ new collection inspired by Toy Story.

The description of the new Dame 7 shoe with a Buzz Lightyear twist is the absolute best:

Celebrate the power of friendship with Damian Lillard. These juniors' signature shoes from Dame and Adidas Basketball are part of a collaboration with Pixar that celebrates Disney's "Toy Story." The upper and detailing graphics are inspired by Buzz Lightyear, and an "Andy" graphic on the outsole pays homage to your favorite movie.


The power of friendship with Damian Lillard!!

And of course they glow in the dark!


Okay, who else is snagging a pair of these!?

And who else wants to watch Toy Story right now? 

This might be the best part of the shoe, though:

On the inside of each sneaker are the Toy Story Aliens.


The new Adidas collection inspired by Toy Story is available October 1st with the Buzz Lightyear Dame 7s available mid-October.

“There's a snake in my boot!”

Wait, no, now we can all shout, “To infinity and beyond” as we wear our new Dame 7s this fall.

So far it looks like these Dame 7s may only be in kids sizes, but let’s hope that’s not the case!

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