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Damian Lillard and DJ Khaled are ready to collaborate in 2021

Trail Blazers

As if we weren't eager enough for 2021 to get here, now we have even more to look forward to!

From the sounds of it, we just might be blessed with a song from Damian Lillard and DJ Khaled.

Those two are looking to team up once DJ Khaled is back in the studio.

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And, Rapper Fat Joe is to thank!

On his podcast, The Fat Joe Show, the American rapper and actor had Lillard on his show for nearly an hour.

The two, of course, talked a lot about Lillard’s basketball and music career.

But about 15 minutes into the podcast, DJ Khaled made an appearance.


At first, he was letting Fat Joe do his thing with his show, but then he was waved over to say hi to Dame.

And that’s when Lillard took his shot with Khaled.

You gonna have to put me on one of your next joints, man. Put me on something. Put me on something, man.

Damian Lillard

With a big smile on his face and Fat Joe laughing and cheering him on, Lillard continued.

“Put me in the game coach.”

To which, DJ Khaled answered with:

Listen, 2021 -- we back in the studio -- let’s do something. Let’s put that s**** out there right away.

DJ Khaled

Lillard was down with that reply.

“Let’s do it.”

Now we have Fat Joe to thank for this potential collaboration.

“See what you get when you come on my show,” Fat Joe joked. 

Heck yes, thanks, Fat Joe. 

Watch the entire podcast with Fat Joe and Damian Lillard here.