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Lillard believes winning MVP is a strong possibility this year, but it won't just be about his game

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Ahead of the 2020-21 season, there has been plenty of national media attention in regards to what Damian Lillard will bring to the court this season.

Half court shots?

Yes probably, as Lillard has mentioned he is going to take those if he’s feeling it in a game.

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But now at 30 years old and in his prime, is it time for Lillard to seriously be considered in the MVP conversations?

Many believe so.

As does Lillard.

Which is no surprise, we know Lillard will always bet on himself as he should.

I feel like if we’re a winning team and we’re in that top two, top three -- then I think it’s definitely a real possibility.

Damian Lillard on liking his chances to win the 2021 MVP honor  

Lillard also believes that there is so much talk about him potentially winning this year’s MVP race because of what he was able to do down the stretch of last season, and how he was able to will the Blazers into the postseason.


“Maybe because I had a good run in the bubble and I had a good run before I hurt my groin last year [right before the All-Star break]. It was pretty much the last probably 30, 35 games of the season.”

I just heard a lot of the talk about how we, we’re done and we wouldn’t make the playoffs… And I was like, ‘yeah, we’re going to make it, just watch.’ 

Damian Lillard

And as Rip City knows when Lillard puts his mind to something that involves so many doubters, it usually happens.

Lillard is also always betting on his team’s success.

He was pleased with how the Blazers have looked in their first preseason games, especially after having just three full practices ahead of last Friday’s game.

“Coming into camp we were sharp,” Lillard said. “Guys came in, in shape. Everybody has been mentality locked-in to what we’re doing, and I think we put it on the floor and it looks the same as it looks in practice.”

The five-time All-Star doesn’t want to get ahead of himself in expressing publicly his expectations for this season, saying he is still in “what and see mode.”

But, that doesn’t mean he doesn't believe that this will be the year for the Blazers to win it all.

“I think everybody knows whether it’s realistic to people or unrealistic to people, I come into every season thinking that I can win it,” Lillard said. “I feel like I’m coming into win it; otherwise, I don’t know what we’re showing up for. And I really believe that in my heart every time.”