Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

CJ McCollum has waited his entire life for this moment, quite literally. 

The Ohio native was cursed with being a Cleveland Browns fan which is infamously one of the worst experiences in all of sports. 

So of course in classic 2020 fashion, the Browns are a winning football, finally. 

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After defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-25, Cleveland advanced to 8-3 which is the franchise's best record in 26 years.

So of course, CJ had to celebrate.

With the Browns advancing to 8-3, McCollum decided to talk some smack to teammate Damian Lillard, whose Raiders got blown out 43-6 in Atlanta.

While Dame did not respond to CJ's tweet, he did let out his disbelief of Las Vegas' performance on his timeline. It was what you would expect from a fan whose team lost by 36 points.

The game went so poorly, it may have broken Dame's Raiders fandom.

Although all sports fans have been there and every time we sit down to watch their next game, like clockwork. 

Something tells me Dame won't miss the next Raiders game, either.