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Damian Lillard couldn't be happier to be a "daddy-daddy" now

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It has been one eventful week for Damian Lillard. 

It started last Monday when the NBA announced Lillard had earned the Western Conference Player of the week honors, but that news was followed by a loss to the Spurs. Then, due to COVID-19 protocols linked to the Grizzlies, their two games against the Memphis had to be postponed.

A week of practice might be great for most, but Lillard, he had some family business to take care of.

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On Wednesday, instead of playing a basketball game, Lillard found himself in the hospital playing dad. 

Thursday afternoon Lillard took to social media to announce the birth of his twins: Daughter Kali Emma Lee Lillard and son Kalii Laheem Lillard.

The duo joins Dame Jr. as the kids of the Lillard household and Daddy Dame couldn't be happier. 

Following a hard-fought victory over the Knicks on Sunday, Lillard talked to the media about what it means to him to be a dad. 

"I've had Dame Jr. almost three years now. I know the thing that I enjoy and love the most is being his dad. Going home to him every night and being around him every day. I think that is something that has allowed me to be a better player... he just brings me that happiness, that peace, that love that I know I'm gonna have regardless of if we win or lose or whether I'm struggling."


Anyone who has children knows exactly what Lillard is talking about. The sleepless nights are all worth the smile and joy they bring. 

Lillard has been getting sleep this week, but not in his bed, rather in the "comfort" of a hospital room. Since Wednesday, Lillard has been at the bedside of his fiancee and his newborns, doing the duties of a new father. That task can be draining in and of itself, but somehow Lillard was able to lace up his shoes and drop an impressive 39 points on the Knicks. 

"It's been draining to be in the hospital all week and then have to come out here and play."

But he was able to do it because of the love he felt, the joy he felt, adding to the Lillard flock.

The feeling is unmatched. Having a daughter. Having another son. I'm a real dad now. I'm a daddy-daddy now. It was a great feeling, it's been a great week and I've been in a really happy place. 

Lillard on having twins

Daddy Dame is built different and the rest of the league better watch out. If a drained Dame can drop 39 and 8, and pass Chauncey Billups for No.16 on the all-time three-pointers made list, and set a new franchise record for consecutive made free throws with 66 all on the same night... The league might want to take the night off should he get a good night's rest. 

Regardless, full of energy or tired as can be, Lillard couldn't be happier. Family is greater than basketball, and Lillard's family just got a whole lot bigger.