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Damian Lillard discusses ankle tweak suffered versus Toronto Raptors

Trail Blazers

All of Rip City held its collective breath early in the first quarter against Toronto when franchise star Damian Lillard appeared to tweak his right ankle. 

Lillard would remain in the game, finishing with 23 points and five assists on 8-16 from the floor, and gave an update on the potential injury after the 112-111 win.

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"It was really sore when I did it," explained Lillard. "I almost asked for a sub when I first did it because it shot up my leg.

"But I ran up and down the court a few times and I was just waiting to see... how stiff or how painful it would get. And once I felt it and I saw how it felt when I was cutting and I was running at full speed and stopping and jumping, I knew it was going to be painful, especially after the game, but it wasn't unbearable."

Dame finished the contest with a game-high 40 minutes played but that wasn't the extent of his work. He was doing exercises on the bench to ensure he could be as impactful as possible on the court, too. 

"When I came out of the game I put the gun on it, I put heat on it. I was doing different exercises with the bands on the bench so it wouldn't get too stiff.


"When I saw the clock was getting to the point I was coming back into the game I started running in place trying to loosen it up before I got back out on the court."

As for how it felt on the court, Lillard said it was "irritating" but it wasn't enough to keep him out of the contest. 

"It was pretty much irritating throughout the game but like I said, it wasn't unbearable and I was still able to be productive."

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