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Damian Lillard endorses Nico Harrison for Dallas Mavericks front office

Trail Blazers

As the Dallas Mavericks work to finalize their latest hires, the conspiracy theorists are coming out.

There has been plenty of chatter on social media following an endorsement of sorts on Twitter.

As the Mavs reportedly finalize contracts with Jason Kidd to be their next head coach and longtime Nike executive Nick Harrison to serve as Dallas’ new General Manager and run their basketball operations, people are talking about Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard.

Harrison was hired by Nike in 2002 and had resided in Lake Oswego.

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In recent years, thanks to Harrison’s relationships with NBA players such as Kobe Bryant, he put himself on the map in the NBA world.

It was less than three weeks ago, when Lillard told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that “Jason Kidd is the guy I want'' when asked who had thought of as being the guy to fill the Blazers head coaching vacancy.


So that in itself has people, and definitely Mavs fans, talking about the possibility of Lillard coming to Dallas and playing alongside Luka Doncic.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the tweet Lillard sent out this morning that simply said:


The Blazers six-time All-Star was quote re-tweeting professional athlete marketer Nate Jones for giving more information on Harrison, in which he tweeted -- “he played D1 college ball and has been in a role where he decides which players Nike pursues and elevates. He was Kobe’s guy at Nike. Players love him. He knows basketball talent and is an honest, straightforward pro!”

So as always, people are going to talk on Twitter and speculate and do what they do, but fans in Rip City also know that if Lillard thinks highly of someone, he will speak his mind and in this case Lillard shared that he agreed with all of those qualifications.