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Damian Lillard finally settles which of his buzzer beaters is his favorite

Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard is easily one of the league’s best clutch shooters.

It is quite hard to argue against that, especially with the resume he has built in his nine years in the NBA.

Lillard has made clutch shots in both regular season and more notable in the postseason when it was time to put away the opposing team.

Everyone has their favorite clutch moment from Lillard, but which shot stands out the most to the Blazers superstar?

Well, we finally have an answer. Sort of.

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In a recent zoom style interview with former teammate Dorell Wright, who is now with NBC Sports Bay Area, Lillard talked about his most memorable buzzer-beating shots.

Specifically, Lillard compared the shot against Houston in Game 6, and his shot over Paul George against OKC.

Against Houston, Lillard talked about how special it was because he was only into his second year in the league.

And technically, the play was not for him at all.

It was for LaMarcus Aldridge.

Obviously, that did not happen, as Lillard decided, with the advice of Mo Williams, that he was going to take the last shot.

It crazy moment in Blazers history for sure, and one that cemented Lillard that he had arrived in the NBA.

As for the game against OKC two years ago, Lillard spoke about how that particular buzzer-beater was crazier than the Houston one.


“The OKC one was probably crazier cause it was deep,” Lillard said. “It was a heated series and all that and it was tie game. Houston, I was a younger and we were losing, and we were facing Game 7 on the road. That one probably hurt them a little bit more. I know the OKC one hurt them too, just because of the kind of series it was, the expectations for that team, and they were beating us by 15 in the fourth and that shot gave me 50. It was a lot.”

Although Lillard never gave much of an answer on which one is his favorite,  it’s obvious those two moment mean a lot to him for a lot of reasons.

Lillard has continued to prove that he is one of the most clucth players in the league currently. So much so that NBA GM's listed Lillard over Curry as the league's best clucth shooter.

Whatevert he case may be for Lillard, Blazer fans love both shots dearly.

The full interview with Dorell Wright and Damian Lillard will be hitting NBC Sports Bay Area at some point during the week. Make sure you check it out.