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Damian Lillard has better range than Steph Curry and the numbers prove it

Trail Blazers

Let’s settle this debate. 

And rather than use superlatives and vague generalizations, let’s use facts. 

Damian Lillard has better range than Stephen Curry. That’s a fact and the numbers support it. 

Lillard helped lead the Trail Blazers to an upset victory over the top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series Tuesday night, while leaving people speechless with his late-game three-point heroics. 

Dame’s range in the bubble has been limitless!

After the game, TNT’s Kenny Smith marveled about Lillard's range on "Inside the NBA" -- but not without pulling Warriors guard Steph Curry into the conversation.

"I don't think you can shoot as deep as him Steph," Smith said. "I got to see it when you come back."

Curry didn't take long to respond.

Our friends at NBCS Bay Area are tripping, too. And are being incredibly selective with their findings. 

Here’s what they wrote:

Apparently Smith needs a reminder that no one -- not even Lillard -- can measure up to Curry's range. Anyone can hoist it from several feet beyond the arc, but Curry has done so more efficiently than anyone.

In a detailed look at Curry's long-range dominance in January of 2019, ESPN's Kirk Goldsberry highlighted the two-time MVP's staggering proficiency from 30-35 feet. Since the beginning of the 2014-15 season up until that point, Curry attempted 94 shots from that distance.


He made 45 of them -- a ridiculous 47.9-percent clip.

Apparently a player’s whole body of work shouldn’t be considered. Curry has been in the league since 2009. 

Here are the facts (career stats): 

25-29 ft

Stephen Curry
1610-3779 (42.6%)
Damian Lillard
1187-2779 (42.7%)

30-34 ft

Stephen Curry
58-144 (40.2%)
Damian Lillard
86-246  (34.9%)


Stephen Curry
3-23 (13%)
Damian Lillard
8-17 (47%)

40+ ft

Stephen Curry
7-89 (7.8%)
Damian Lillard
2-23 (8.6%)

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Damian Lillard leads in almost all long-range categories, including a staggering 47%(!!!) from beyond 35 feet. This season, Lillard is 8-12 (67%) from what would be considered Logo Lillard range. 

Steph Curry may have a better shooting percentage from 30-34 feet, but he also appears to be too scared to shoot from that range.  

Lillard has 286 shots from 30+ feet to Curry’s 256… and he hasn’t been in the league as long. 

Curry dazzled the NBA world when he began his pull-up, quick-fire attempts, especially during the playoffs. But, Damian Lillard is getting picked up at half-court and he’s STILL making them. At a historic clip!

Just because Steph Curry may have been the first player to have done it and make it popular doesn’t mean he’s the best at it. 

And these numbers prove it.