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Lillard has cold blooded response to PG13 saying he wants to retire a Clipper

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Paul George and Damian Lillard. They have quite the history. 

From Lillard hitting the historical "Bad Shot" to eliminate George and the Thunder from the Playoffs in 2019 to George's Clippers yelling "Cancun on 3" at Lillard and the Blazers in the NBA bubble. 

When Lillard and George's teams hit the court there is sure to be fireworks.

The fireworks don't stop there, either. 

On Sunday, the beef added another chapter on social media. 

In a Zoom media availability on Friday, George stated, "I want to retire a Clipper… This is where my heart is and I’m happy."

Clippers fans loved to hear it, but once the quote hit social media Damian Lillard called it out.

The Blazers' star commented on the post with a name from the past: Al Capone.

What does a Prohibition-era gangster have to do with Paul George and the Clippers? Nothing, really, but there is a code here: The first three letters of his last name - CAP

Cap - slang for a lie or B.S.

In short, Lillard called out George's lie that he wants to retire with the Clippers. He called it out because George has a history of saying it at every stop on his NBA career.

Damian Lillard is a real one, folks.

"My goal is to win one here. I never want to leave Indy."  A few months later he requested a trade and was eventually sent to Oklahoma City. Once in OKC, he re-signed with the Thunder and said "I'm here to stay. We can bring this thing home." Here to stay. Well, one year later he forced his way out in was traded to the Clippers. 


If history is any indicator, the Clippers better win the title this season because George might be in another uniform in 2021. 

As expected, social media exploded:

This is the beef we didn't know we needed.