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Damian Lillard has a different portrayal of Carmelo Anthony as a teammate

Trail Blazers

On Monday, history was made for Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony.

In Monday’s 123-114 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Anthony passed Elvin Hayes and jumped into the top-10 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

A special moment for a veteran player that almost looked like he was never going to play in the NBA again.

As any good teammates would, the Blazers and players alike give their congratulations to Melo for cracking the top-10 list.

On Tuesday, Damian Lillard joined ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ and expressed how happy he is for Anthony and how great it is 

Patrick began by asking what Lillard and the team got Anthony after the game.

“Ya, we got him a game ball,” Lillard said. “I am definitely going to have a gift for him when we get back to Portland for breaking into the top 10, I told him that last night.”

Anthony has been with the Blazers since 2019 and is in the midst of his 18th season in the league.

Before coming to Portland, Anthony had a brief stint with the Houston Rockets that looked like the end of his career.

But thankfully, joining up with Lillard and CJ McCollum has seen to have given him a new life.

The question Patrick then asked was how Anthony is as a person. When you are in the league for that long, you might be stand-offish to people.

Lillard thinks quite the opposite. At least once you get to know him, he is just like one of the guys.


“When he came around, he laughed at everything, he is easy going and down to earth. It's the complete opposite of what people try to make him be and would expect to see with his type of status and celebrity," said Lillard.

I'm super comfortable with him, and I don’t really warm up to people like that. Melo is a great teammate, a great person, and a fun person to be around.

Damian Lillard

Melo was portrayed as toxic and untouchable after his time in OKC and Houston for not assuming a certain role on the team. 

Phil Jackson blamed Carmelo Anthony for Knicks downfall, tumultuous tenure. But, that's not the teammate Lillard sees. 

Patrick joked, too, about whether or not Lillard expects to get the ball back when he passes it to Melo. 

"He gonna get it up," Lillard said. "His confidence-- how comfortable he is throwing it back to me is different. When I throw it to him, I have confidence there's a chance it comes back, but I don't expect it to. I know a scorer's mind. I know he'll make the right play." 

Sometimes the media can take a hold of a narrative of a person and have never actually spent a day with them and it takes a life of its own.

For Lillard, it seems to have been a surprise to see how Anthony is in person and being on the same time.

The only thing that Rip City fans really care about, though, is that the fact the team is still winning. 

And Melo is one of the reasons for that. 

We are all glad one of the greatest scorers in NBA history is on this Portland team.