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Damian Lillard helped inspire Dayvon Curry, Blazer5's newest star

Trail Blazers

Blazer5 Gaming has hit the reset button.

The team has turned the roster over and brought in six new players this season to help take the team to the next level.

One of those faces is former NBA 2K League Champion, Dayvon Curry, aka "Goofy 757."

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Curry is the new face of the Blazers eSports franchise and hopes to use his championship experience to bring a trophy to Portland.

But before ever taking the virtual court for Blazer5, Curry took the time to reflect on just how special it is to be part of the Trail Blazers organization. 

"It's pretty cool," said Curry. "I always wanted to go to the NBA. We all had hoop dreams."

Curry's hoop dreams never got him to the NBA hardwood, but it got him to the virtual one. Now, the fact he is in Portland is not lost on him. Growing up with big league dreams, Curry drew a lot of inspiration from one person in particular: Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard. 

"It's crazy cause like, when I was trying to do my hoop dreams I was inspired by Damian Lillard," Curry said. "That's the crazy part. He was coming out of Weber State. Small college guy trying to make it to the NBA. That's what I was trying to do. It's crazy how it's turned into a full circle like that... I don't even know what to say, I'm not gonna lie."


It really is kind of crazy how life works out sometimes. 

Curry went from watching Lillard, wanting to be like him, to following in his footsteps to being a teammate of his, so to speak, representing the Blazers on the virtual court.

For those that don't know Curry, he is a 2K League O.G. He was the ninth-overall pick of the inaugural 2K League Draft by Knicks Gaming. He helped the Knicks win the first-ever 2K League Championship and hopes to repeat that success with Blazer5. 

Curry does have some big shoes to fill. He will take over in the paint for OneWildWalnut, the former league MVP that Blazer5 traded to 76ers Gaming this past offseason for Christopher “BreadwinnerLA” Lafanette and Shooting Guard Rashan “Scretty” Petty.

Curry is certainly ready for the task at hand, and if you listen to him describe his game it's going to be a fun journey to watch.

"I've been calling myself Shaq, but I can also pass the ball," said Curry. "I can dominate the glass. I can dominate the inside and I can also give you some assists with a little bit of Jokic in there. I little bit of dominant Shaq with a little sprinkle of Jokic."

That type of skill set can set a big man apart in the 2K League and hopefully it can help lead Blazer5 to the top of the mountain. 

Future title or not, it's pretty cool to see a hooper inspired by Damian Lillard get to rep the same franchise as the man who wears the letter O.

A little bit of Shaq mixed with Jokic... Maybe while in Portland he can sprinkle in a little bit of Lillard Time.