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Damian Lillard "I'm excited" to be a girl dad

Trail Blazers

Dame Jr. may just be the most adorable, lovable baby in Portland.

His dad is the star of the Trail Blazers, and junior has become the prince of Rip City.

But the Lillard house is about to get a whole lot more playful.

On August 31, Lillard and his fiancée Kay'La Hanson announced that they were expecting twins!

Not only is the pair expecting twins, they are expecting both a boy and a girl!

Lillard recently sat down with Trail Blazers sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam where the two talked about Lillard living the Dad Life.

"I was excited, cause I always wanted my son to have a brother," Lillard said about finding out he was having another kid. "I know what it means for me to have a brother. Just, like, for the bond, and having each other's back, and having another man that he's gonna be able to look to for his entire life.  Even when I'm gone, he's gonna have his brother."

But Lillard wasn't just excited for what Dame Jr. and his brother's relationship will be like. He's just as much looking forward to the big brother, little sister bond junior will have with his sister, too.

Also knowing that he's gonna have a sister, with how I feel about my sister, I dunno what that's gonna mean for me. That's gonna break me down. A girl dad. I'm excited!

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is one of the best basketball players in the NBA, and perhaps even more so than his on court talent the Blazers star is known as one of the best locker room leaders in the league.


That leadership easily translates to parenting, no matter how hectic the Lillard house is about to become.

"With my son being two, almost three, and then you're gonna have two newborns. It's gonna be hard in the beginning," said Lillard. "I think in about five, six-years, I think that's when I'm gonna start to really see it's worth it. Just to have my own three kids. Have them looking at me like 'Dad!'  My little dates with my kids. Building those bonds and relationships with my kids when they can actually talk and interact and get in touch with their feelings, that's what I'm looking forward to. Developing them as people. I'm excited about that."

Lillard is excited to raise his three kids and Rip City can't wait to watch them grow.

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