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For Damian Lillard, it’s not just about winning a championship -- it’s about winning it in Portland

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He’s talked about it many times:

Bringing a championship home to Portland is what Damian Lillard values most.

This week, when Lillard appeared on Draymond Green’s new Bleacher Report show, Chips, Green was curious about Lillard’s loyalty to Portland.  

But before the duo discussed bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy to Rip City, Lillard explained why he doesn't look at a list of top point guards in the league like Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul and think they're better than him.

I’m looking at Steph and Russ, and CP, and I don’t view them as above me. The way I see people speak on my names sometimes -- is almost like, ‘He’s a great player, BUT…’ But what?

Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard

Even if the NBA world enjoys comparing Lillard’s game to other PGs’ games with some not giving Lillard as much credit, Lillard has always used that as fuel on the court.

Green then asked the question that Trail Blazers fans love to hear:

Is bringing that championship to Portland important to you or is getting a championship important to you?  

It’s important for me to win a championship here.

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Lillard explained how “it wouldn’t mean the same to that fanbase and that city,” if the eight-year veteran were to leave for another team.


“Everybody don’t get to be a multi-time champion,” Lillard told Green. “Everybody don’t get to be a champion. Everybody don’t get there fast.”

Why not win it here? And they haven’t won it since ’77. So, what would that mean?

It would mean everything to Rip City and Lillard knows it and wants it.

Check out the full episode ofChips with Draymond Green and Damian Lillard right here.

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