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Damian Lillard knows boxing, and he let Andre Ward know it

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Damian Lillard is a huge boxing fan and those who follow him on social media know it. 

The Trail Blazers guard often posts boxing workouts in the offseason, and chimes in and analyzes big bouts when fight night rolls around. 

The big fight this weekend saw Teofimo Lopez Jr. take on Vasiliy Lomachenko in a lightweight world title unification bout. 

Lillard was invested, as usual, and took to social on Thursday to give us his prediction.

Lillard let it be known he was rolling with Lopez, the heavy underdog.

On Saturday, Lopez and Lomachenko hit the ring. When the final bell sounded, Lopez saw his hand raised. 

With a lopsided score-card of 117-111, 119-102, and 116-112, Lopez shocked the boxing world... but not Lillard.

Lillard put his faith in Lopez and let us all know about it heading to social media to set the record straight.

[WARNING: Video contains adult language]

It wasn't just social media that Lillard was vocal with. He even took the time to call a special friend to rub it in a little.

That friend: Boxing legend Andre Ward.

Ward, a former champion with a 32-0 record, retired in 2017 and now works for ESPN. 

While on the set of his post-match wrap-up show, Ward got the call from Dame.

I know what you're thinking. It's just a picture. We can't even see the screen. How do we really know Lillard was on the line? Well, Lillard himself confirmed it on Twitter... and it wasn't the first time Lillard proved Ward wrong.


Ward isn't used to losing, but he's now 0-2 against Lillard. Luckily he is a good sport and took this one on the chin.

Damian Lillard knows his boxing, that's for sure.  

Someone needs to fix Ward's Wikipedia page. 32-0? Thanks to Lillard, he's now 32-2.