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Damian Lillard lists attributes he'd take from MJ, LeBron and KD

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Now this would be the ultimate superstar, freak athlete in the NBA or maybe in all of sports.

Trail Blazers five-time All-Star Damian Lillard has continued to interact with fans over Twitter during the NBA offseason and with one of his latest replies to a fan’s question, we just got to say:

Dang, that would be a baller.

Of course, Lillard is already an extremely successful modern-day NBA guard with superstar status, but what if Lillard added even more to his game or his stature?

The 30-year-old point guard was asked on Twitter what type of attributes he would love to have from any player both past and present.

The 2013 NBA rookie of the Year didn’t shy away from the question.

Instead, he mentioned the exact attributes he wished he could have from Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant.

Now that would make a lethal combination on the court.

Imagine ‘Air Lillard.’ 

And then the durability and physical tools of King James mixed in with KD’s 6-foot-10 length and 7-foot-5 wingspan. Oh, by the way, Lillard would appreciate Durant’s skill set at the size as well.

A Jordan-LeBron-KD-Lillard combination is a lethal one. Can you imagine the matchup nightmares for opposing teams? 


Lillard did clarify for those fans who were coming at him for not wanting LeBron’s athleticism.

The way Jordan moved was different.

Damian Lillard

But here’s the thing:

Rip City and NBA fans all over the world already love what Lillard possesses on the court, his skill set and durability are on many young ballers’ wishlists.


There’s no doubt about that. 

The way Lillard plays is just different too.