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Damian Lillard is loving Trail Blazers fans reactions to his game winner over Bulls

Trail Blazers

Stop me if you've heard this before: Damian Lillard hit a game winner and it sent everyone into a frenzy!

That's what happened Saturday night for the Trail Blazers in route to a 123-122 walk-off win over the Chicago Bulls. 

Jordan Kent and Lamar Hurd went nuts on the broadcast. 

And fans at home went nuts in their living rooms! 

Watching in their living room, wearing Damian Lillard jerseys and other Trail Blazers gear, Twitter user @simplysaida1 shared this video of her family's reaction

And the crowd goes WILD!!! 

The boy in the video is named Abdirahman Hassan and is a 2nd grader at Portland-area elementary school. "He’s been watching blazers since he was 3 years old," Saedo Abshir said when reached by NBC Sports Northwest. "He’d go to games several times every season."  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family hasn't been able to attend games. But, that hasn't stopped them from cheering the Blazers on from the comfort of their own living room. 

That kind of raw emotion made its way back to Damian Lillard, who made sure to show some love. 

And these are the moments that help create lasting memories. 

If you think that's the only Damian Lillard game winner reaction video Abshir has, well... check out her family's reaction to Dame's game winner vs. OKC.

You love to see it!