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Damian Lillard or Steph Curry, who is the top PG? -- Too Short and E-40 debate

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The music world and NBA world often collide. 

And, it’s always fun to watch.

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Over the weekend it was a Bay Area battle in the newest Verzuz competition between local rappers Too $hort and E-40, who also released an album together Friday that features both artists with 10 songs apiece. 

Ahead of their highly-anticipated Verzuz battle, the two joined Sports Illustrated to discuss the debate between Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry and who is the better point guard.  

E-40 went with the Warriors sharp-shooter.

“You know what I’m going to say, I got my money on Steph," E-40 said. "That’s just me, but like I said, that’s just me being a super-duper Warriors fan and being courtside, watching Steph and the Warriors do their thing for so many years.”


Dame, I could never take anything away from him. He top-tier.

E-40 on the Curry-Lillard, best PG debate

While Too $hort wasn't ready to go all in on Lillard quite yet. 

“I’m from Oakland,” Too $hort said. "I know Dame’s daddy. I know Dame. That’s my homie. I just say from a real unbiased fan point of view, what would the Warriors be if Dame was their point guard? What would the Trail Blazers be if Steph was their point guard? And I’m just going to have to say, man, I mean, as a real unbiased sports fan, what would your answer be? Who are the Warriors if Dame had been the point guard with Klay [Thompson] over there and Draymond [Green] down there… Would they be much different?”

Short didn’t answer the question, but he wanted everyone to ponder it.

While the debate may not have been a true debate, the Verzuz battle was a true competition.

And Lillard joined in on the fun.

During Saturday's battle, Lillard took to his Instagram rocking a wig while dancing around his living room.

IG fans were loving Lillard's enthusiasm in the battle of the Bay Area’s icons.

Over 250,000 fans logged into their Instagram accounts to tune into the legendary Verzuz battle, according to, to witness the 20-plus rounds of battles.