Damian Lillard propelling Blazers to comeback victory over Pelicans was one of a kind


With 5:42 to go in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night's game vs. the New Orleans Pelicans, the Trail Blazers, down 17 points, looked like they were going to be handed another loss. 

And then Damian Lillard happened. 

Damian Lillard spearheaded a 25-7 game-ending rally to lift Portland past New Orleans.

Lillard scored 15 points in the timespan, capping off a 50-point performance and had the whole NBA talking after the clutch comeback win.

The Trail Blazers come from behind victory was one of a kind, literally.

Portland's win was the first one this season, and is even more rare over the past decade.

And of course, Damian Lillard showed just how clutch he was, with numbers to prove it. 

Is there anything this man can't do?!

The Trail Blazers will square off against the Pelicans again Thursday at 7pm on NBCSNW.