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Damian Lillard reacts to being sampled on the new J.Cole album

Trail Blazers

By now, everyone around the world knows that Trail Blazers own Damian Lillard is a baller on the court, as well as an excellent rapper off the court.

He has released three albums since dropping music in 2016, and is regarded as probably the top player/rapper in the sports world at the moment.

I mean heck, the dude has a Lil Wayne feature.

Not many people can say they have that.

But now, Lillard can say that he has been sampled by the J.Cole on his latest album, The Off-Season, which came out on Friday.

One of the more anticipated albums of the year, on the song  p u n c h i n ‘ . t h e . c l o c k, Cole took the audio sample of Lillard’s iconic post-game interview with Chris Haynes after beating the Mavericks in the bubble last year in the playoffs.

Check out the song:

Cole album in general is receiving incredible praise from the hip-hop community. 

Fellow teammate CJ McCollum even offered up his review of the album on Twitter after Thursday’s loss to the Phoenix Suns.

He even had to shout out the sample with Lillard in it.

Of course, Lillard had to give McCollum a quote tweet showing his support for the Cole album.

Seems he loves the new Cole album as well.

There is plenty of NBA references on this album, Cole even name drops


LeBron James and Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant.

Cole has been a fan of basketball and the NBA since the beginning of his rap career. He is even set to participate in the Basketball Africa League for the Rwandan Club.

Lillard seems appreciative that he was sampled on this new Cole album.

It's great to see the real recognize real.

But sure to check out the whole album from J.Cole if you haven't already.