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Damian Lillard responded to Kevin Durant's omission of Russell Westbrook, but there's more to the story

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In today’s world, especially with social media, context is everything.

Anyone can take anything and run with it to get clicks without giving the full story to the person involved.

In this situation, it surrounds Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

In a recent podcast appearance on “Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” Durant was asked right off the bat who are his top 5 players he has ever played with in his career.

The reason why this particular clip is making waves: he doesn’t add one Russell Westbrook to his list.

The clip even gets a response from one Damian Lillard, as he questions why Durant didn’t add Westbrook to his list.

The funny thing is about all this -- it's not the full clip.

If you go to the actual video on their YouTube page, Durant realizes he makes a mistake, got caught for it and takes Ibaka out so he can put Westbrook in his top 5.

"Oh sh*t, I am trippin'. I'm glad you called me out on that, I did forget about Russ. He would for sure be in my top 5.”

But of course, in that Twitter video, that part gets cut out because the person who posted it knows that it will get clips and views from it because it stops short of Durant realizing his mistake.

It's the game that social media lives in now, as sad as that is to say.

And Lillard seems to have been caught in its web.


It happens though and you can't blame Lillard for responding to the video; a lot of people have so far.

So today's lesson is this: make sure the full context of the video is there before taking away from just a small sample size of a full podcast interview.