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Damian Lillard slighted in shoe poll involving LeBron James & Kyrie Irving

Trail Blazers

Professional athletes these days have a pretty strong shoe game as they’ve been trying to come up with more unique and creative ways to represent themselves with their signature kicks. 

Sneakerheads, B/R Kicks, recently conducted a poll on various social media platforms to find out which shoes of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard are the best signature shoe.

First off, it’s funny to see how much the results vary from platform to platform.

So you’re telling me, Twitter users really like Lillard’s Dame 6s shoes, but Facebook is not really feeling them?


Basically, LeBron James fans are all over Facebook?

And then, there are a plethora of Kyrie fans on IG? 

Also, these shoes, in my non-shoe knowledge opinion, aren’t the best versions of each players' various designs. Thus, does it come down to each players' popularity or is a Nike vs. Adidas thing?

Well, Lillard did retweet the poll results and that got us wondering:

Does he think this poll is well represented by the popularity of his shoe vs. King James and Kyrie?


But, with such a poll it’s a great marketing tool.

I immediately checked out sizes (again) on the latest Dame 6 shoes online after seeing the B/R Kicks post.

If I were voting for top Dame 6 shoes, I’d go with the Shock Yellow-Cloud White ones.


These are my fav Dame shoes to date.

Now if I could only find a kids size, I’d be in business.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Dame 7s and how they’ll be received on online polls.

Also, sorry Steph Curry, your Under Armour Curry 7s didn’t even make it on the poll.

Maybe next time.