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Damian Lillard teases Anfernee Simons for not telling him he had a girlfriend

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Love is in the air. 

Anfernee Simons, the 21-year-old point guard for the Trail Blazers, has been struck by Cupid's bow.

It was just a few weeks ago that he retweeted a picture of him and Bre Hudson, his new girlfriend. 

Now that is adorable, right? Of course it is.

Still, Simons' teammate Damian Lillard had a funny reason to take exception.

Simons' "Big Bro" crashed an Instagram live video where he roasted Simons for not telling him he had a girlfriend. 



Bruh. Why you didn't tell me, bruh?

Damian Lillard

Simons laughs it off and tells Dame that the pair is "four months in." To which Lillard responded, "four months and you wasn't gonna tell me?"

The pair just keeps going back and forth with Big Bro teasing Little Bro for having a girlfriend and keeping it secret. 

That is until Lillard realized that Simons did tell him, he just forgot about it.

Simons said the pair was currently in Santa Barbara, so Lillard asked Simon's girlfriend, Bre, if she is from there. Her response, "I'm from Houston."

That was the clue Lillard needed. 

Lillard said the words back and it clicked in his head. He had known all along. "You're from Houston... Oh, you did tell me about Bre. OK, H-Town, OK." But of course, Lillard was going to keep teasing Simons anyway. "OK. Now you're spending a little bit of money and you done flew her out." 

Laughter ensues. 

While Lillard was teasing Little Bro the entire time, the video was more than just a light-hearted roast. What it really showed is how close Lillard and Simons are, largely built by the culture Lillard has helped cultivate inside the Blazers locker room. 


It's always great to see when teammates are genuine friends and that's what you get with Dame and Ant.

... they grow up so fast.