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Damian Lillard trolls Lakers fans before Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Trail Blazers

Rip City knows that Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard does not hold back on the court or on social media.

Wednesday before Game 1 of the NBA Finals tipped off, Lillard clapped back at Lakers fans on Twitter.

And we all grabbed the popcorn.

The Twitter tussle all started after Lillard went live on his Instagram during his boxing workout Wednesday afternoon.

(Also, if you don’t think Lillard reads some of his mentions and replies, you would be mistaken).

That video made its way to Twitter.

And that’s when JR Smith_18 responded with:

“Bro do everything in the off-season but hoop.” 

And that’s when it all began.

Lillard replied with:

From the looks of it, JR Smith_18 doesn’t seem like a big Lakers fan minus the Twitter handle name, but other Lakers fans joined in and went straight at Lillard for being at home and not still in the playoffs.

But also, don’t Lakers fans want Lillard to be a Laker?

So, this is an odd way of showing him they care.

They seem to care more about shaming the Trail Blazers for being a No. 8 seed this year just as Nico tweeted. AND it’s clear that Nico is a huge Lake Show fan (just look at his Twitter pictures and bio).

But the best part: Lillard shut down Nico.

What seed have you been the last 8 years before Bron came?

Damian Lillard on Twitter

Here’s the thing, Nico:

Portland qualified for the playoffs this year after going 6-2 in the NBA’s seeding games and winning the first ever play-in game in NBA history thanks to Lillard.


And making the playoffs after having a tough start to the season and injuries piling up is something that many would’ve never guessed that Portland would have accomplished this year midway through the season.  

Oh, by the way, Lilard won the seeding games MVP honor averaging 37.6 points, 9.6 assists, and 4.3 rebounds.

See your way out, Nico. 

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