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Lillard was Carmelo Anthony's biggest supporter long before Melo came to Portland

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The relationship between Damian Lillard and Carmelo Anthony both and off the court was very evident this past season. 

This week on ‘The Old Man and The Three Podcast with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter' Melo joined the guys to talk about his five different stops in the NBA throughout his career while wrapping up the podcast talking about this past season with Portland.

When the subject turned to the Trail Blazers leader Damian Lillard, Melo explained how his perception of Lillard didn’t change once they became teammates.

“I’ve always respected him, always,” Melo said. “He was one guy I’ve always respected as a player, and as a person.”

I always respected him -- he was an honest, truthful, humble guy… Very loyal and even prior to me going this year, we’ve always had conversations -- ‘Yo man, come to Portland.’ We’ve always had dialogue that this is the place you need to be. 

Carmelo Anthony on Damian Lillard

Yep, it's been no secret that Anthony has long been linked to the Blazers.

As for not being a Trail Blazer when Lillard and CJ McCollum recruited him years ago, Melo knows that the business side and political side of the NBA got in the way at that time.

But one thing never wavered: Lillard’s backing of bringing the future Hall of Famer to Rip City.

He was my biggest supporter.

Carmelo Anthony on Damian Lillard

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But after 17 years in the league, is Melo considering hanging it up?

On the podcast, the 10-time All-Star joked that 15 years ago he thought he would retire at 35 years old and now here we are: Anthony is now 36 years old and hasn’t even thought about retirement after this season.


The way that I felt and the way that I feel physically, it’s like I don’t even think about that no more. It’s hard for me to think about. 

We're all glad that's the case, Melo! 

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