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Dame willing to re-film Foot Locker ad... but hopefully never has to

Trail Blazers

Back in 2014, Damian Lillard dropped the hilarious "No Rings" Foot Locker commercial. 

In the commercial, Lillard jokes about not wanting to be one of those stars who never wins a ring, as the camera pans over to show Barry Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson, two of the greatest running backs in the NFL, both ringless. 

Lillard laughs it off and said he meant NBA players, only for the camera to later show Chris Webber and Karl Malone. Again, two greats without a championship to show for it. 

Take a look for yourself to get refreshed.


You know you laughed. 

The commercial was funny then and it's funny now.

However, six years have passed and Lillard is still ringless. 

This prompted one Twitter user to point out that Lillard could end up like those stars he was cracking wise about.


In true Damian Lillard fashion, the Blazers star responded on Twitter and set the record straight.

If I don’t win one... we will re-do the commercial and I’ll be one of them

Damian Lillard

Lillard is willing to re-film the commercial should he end his career without a ring, but hopefully he never has to. 

Lillard has grand aspirations of winning a ring, and he wants to do it with Portland. So, before you come in with your "Lillard needs to go to the Lakers" or "Dame should be in Miami" takes, just know that the star's heart is in Rip City.


He would rather stay in Portland, do it his way, and come up short than hop around to ring chase.

If he has to be in a future commercial as a ringless old star, so be it. At least he wrote the story the way he wanted.