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Lillard would pick KD, not LeBron in game of pick-up

Trail Blazers

If you grew up playing basketball, pick-up games are a natural thing that just organically happens when there is nothing else to do.

A basketball and a court. Really is all you need.

Two on two, three on three, and even five on five is embedded in basketball players. 

While playground rules apply when it comes to picking your teammates, some NBA players have done that professionally, creating super teams. 

Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard has said in the past he's not interested in joining one. If it happened in Portland, he likely wouldn't mind. 

For now, though, Lillard is riding with CJ McCollum, Carmelo Anthony & Co. 

On Tuesday, Lillard made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show and was was asked who he would choose as a teammate in a game of pick-up. 

“I'm showing up with Kevin Durant,” said Lillard. “I think that's pretty easy.”

If you're asking anyone who knows basketball, that is a pretty solid and safe choice.

Durant is a unicorn of a basketball player. Standing seven feet tall with the ability to shoot and score at any time he wants is a good bet.

“When healthy, I think him and LeBron are right next to each other,” Said Lillard.

KD healthy? Could very well be the best player in the NBA.

Kevin Durant

Smart play on Lillard’s part in picking Durant. It's honest hard to argue his point.

Patrick joked that LeBron would show up with Steph Curry to go up against them. 


That would be some pick-up game. 

The likelihood of those two playing together in the NBA is pretty slim at this point. The best chance is on Team USA. 

Check out Lillard’s full interview with Patrick here.