Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

About a week ago, both Oregon and Washington state took another pause due to a surge of  COVID-19 in both states.

Places including gyms, restaurants, and small businesses are all taking a hit during this time.

Thankfully Portland Trail Blazers' very own Damian Lillard, with the help of his new Toyota dealership, is stepping up to the plate.

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In a recent Instagram post, Damian Lillard Toyota is now inviting local restaurants to drop by and sell them a$100 gift card to help out during this month-long freeze.

In the statement above, the dealership is going to take those gift cards and donate them to a local nonprofit and give them to families who are in need this coming holiday season.

The second lockdown is expected to last of upwards of a month, but no one really knows for certain the details of when things will go back to normal.

Lillard reaching out to those in need through his dealership is one way the bubble MVP can help the community that he has grown into through his years of being in Portland.