Derek Carr calls a Damian Lillard audible in Raiders vs. Chargers game


Damian Lillard is one of the most recognized names in the NBA. 

He's also one of the biggest fans of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The Oakland, CA native has been very vocal about his fandom of the Raiders. He has his ups and he has his downs, recently going in on the Raiders' defense. 

Despite the ebbs and flows, Lillard has kept that love for his team even though they moved away from his hometown. 

On Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers, prior to leaving the game with a groin injury, quarterback Derek Carr used "Damian Lillard" in an audible call, along with former US President Richard Nixon. 


Many on social media were quick to notice the audible call, as did Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the Fox broadcast. 

But, the Trail Blazers had an important question: How did an audile lead to a rushing play and not a Hail Mary pass?

It's a fair question. 

We're waiting for the game where the Trail Blazers switch to their Derek Carr defensive scheme.