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Diehard Raiders fan Damian Lillard calls out team’s Achilles heel

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Damian Lillard is the ultimate Raiders fan.

And rightfully so, as the Trail Blazers star literally grew up watching the Raiders in his hometown of Oakland, before the team relocated to Las Vegas in 2020.

While Dame may not be used to seeing the Las Vegas Strip on telecasts, the five-time NBA All-Star is ride-or-die for his Raiders, no matter what. But Lillard also prides himself on keeping it real, even when it comes to calling out his beloved NFL team.

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On Sunday, while watching the Raiders take on the Indianapolis Colts, he shared this PSA.

We the worst defense in the NFL.

- Damian Lillard

Dame’s not exactly wrong. The Raiders defense ranks dead-last in sack rate and has struggled to deliver game-altering stops through most of the season. The Raiders also rank 10th overall in D-PAC and allow the ninth most points to the position, per Pro Football Network.

Need more evidence? Just look at Colts running back Jonathan Taylor making it look easy against the Raiders defense on Sunday. 


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You know your defense is bad when even your most dedicated fans are calling for change, but Lillard isn’t the only one.

Can the defense chip in a little? The Raiders trail the Colts by 7 with 11:58 remaining in the fourth quarter.