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Does Skip Bayless really think Lillard wanting LeBron's durability was a diss on LeBron?

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It was debated on FSI’s Undisputed Wednesday morning:

Was Damian Lillard’s tweet about what attributes he wished he could have from any NBA player -- past or current -- more of a diss than a compliment of LeBron James?

Lilard had answered a fan's question on twitter where he mentioned he would want LeBron’s durability, as he mentioned the exact attributes he would like to have from Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant.

LeBron has played in 260 playoff games and he has never missed one postseason contest. So, obviously, it makes sense that Lillard would want that attribute.

Co-host of the Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe, started off the Lillard-LeBron discussion saying, “it’s an absolute positive” when referring to Lillard’s comment about LeBron. Sharpe added, “Availability is also a skill set and very few people have had it better than LeBron James and Dame Lillard understands that.”

But naturally, Skip Bayless did not concur.

I completely, upside down, disagree with your take on this. I see it completely differently. And I would like to thank my friend, Damian Lillard, for slamming the door on two debates: The G.O.A.T. debate and the best player on the planet -- in one little sweet tweet.

Skip Bayless on FSI’s Undisputed

Bayless went on explaining how he viewed Lillard’s tweet, “He did want one thing from LeBron. But durability is not really a G.O.A.T asset. It’s not really a gift, because part of it is just luck to me, and again, I always call LeBron ‘Iron Man,’ but part of it is just being blessed by the injury gods.”


“When it comes to MJ, [Lillard] wants his athleticism. That’s a G.O.A.T. gift. That’s just him publicly acknowledging the G.O.A.T. is Michael Jeffrey Jordan,” Bayless continued. 

Even though in the beginning of Bayless’ argument it seemed like he was saying that Lillard was dissing King James, Bayless then reverted course and said, “I don’t know if he’s taking a shot [at LeBron]; I think he’s just being honest about it.”

Bayless also said Lillard wanting KD’s length and skill set are “G.O.A.T.-ish qualities.”

But then as Bayless was about to wrap up his debate, he added this:

'I want LeBron’s durability.' -- that’s what you call damning with faint praise.

Skip Bayless

Hmmm…. No, we’re with Shannon on this one.

Listen to the entire argument here.